August 07, 2023
Low cobalt limits cyanobacteria heterocyst frequency in culture but potential for cob...
Purnank Shah, Jason J. Venkiteswaran, Lewis A. Molot, et al.
November 04, 2022
Monod parameterization and competition at low iron among freshwater cyanobacteria and...
Purnank Shah, Shelley McCabe, Jason Venkiteswaran, et al.
May 04, 2022
Early and late cyanobacterial bloomers in a shallow, eutrophic lake
Kristin J. Painter, Jason J Venkiteswaran, Dana F. Simon, et al.
September 08, 2022
Blooms and flows: Effects of variable hydrology and management on reservoir water qua...
Kristin Painter, Jason J. Venkiteswaran, Helen Baulch, et al.