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An Assessment of Antarctic Sea-ice Thickness in CMIP6 Simulations with Comparison to the Observations
  • Shreya Trivedi,
  • William R. Hobbs,
  • Marilyn Raphael
Shreya Trivedi
University of California, Los Angeles

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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William R. Hobbs
University of Tasmania
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Marilyn Raphael
University of California Los Angeles
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This study assesses less-explored Southern Ocean sea-ice parameters, namely Sea-ice Thickness and Volume, through a comprehensive comparison of 26 CMIP6 models with reanalyses and satellite observations. Findings indicate that models replicate the mean seasonal cycle and spatial patterns of sea-ice thickness, particularly during its maxima in February. However, some models simulate implausible historical mean states compared to satellite observations, leading to large inter-model spread. September sea-ice thickness is consistently biased low across the models. Our results show a positive relationship between modeled mean sea-ice area and thickness in September (i.e., models with more area tend to have thicker ice); in February this relationship becomes negative. While CMIP6 models demonstrate proficiency in simulating Area, thickness accuracy remains a challenge. This study, therefore, highlights the need for improved representation of Antarctic sea-ice processes in models for accurate projections of thickness and volume changes.
16 Oct 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
17 Oct 2023Published in ESS Open Archive