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The Impact of Oceanic Feedbacks on Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling in an Idealised Model
  • Natasha E. Trencham,
  • Arnaud Czaja,
  • Joanna D. Haigh
Natasha E. Trencham
Columbia University

Corresponding Author:netrencham@gmail.com

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Arnaud Czaja
Imperial College, Dept. Physics
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Joanna D. Haigh
Imperial College London
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Stratospheric temperature perturbations (STPs) caused by e.g. variations in stratospheric ozone, are an important driver of changes in tropospheric dynamics, particularly pertinent to the long-term climate evolution of the Southern Hemisphere. However, the impact of ocean feedbacks on this interaction has not been fully examined. To study it, positive STPs were applied in three otherwise identical, idealised model configurations –atmosphere-only (A), atmosphere + slab-ocean (AS), and fully-coupled atmosphere-ocean (AO) – and the resulting atmospheric changes compared. In the AO model, changes in the tropics/extratropics experienced a positive/negative feedback after ~100-200 years, whilst the AS model showed few significant changes, compared to the A model. Changes in tropical ocean heat content were responsible, attributable to changes in the Ekman transport. These results indicate that full atmosphere-ocean coupling should be accounted for when studying the long-term (100+ years) tropospheric response to STPs in the Southern Ocean region. Validation with higher-resolution and more realistic models is necessary.
29 Aug 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
11 Sep 2023Published in ESS Open Archive