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Does Stress Drop Positively or Negatively Correlate With Rupture Speed?
  • Shiqing Xu
Shiqing Xu
Southern University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:stiller.xu@gmail.com

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Rupture speed Vr and stress drop Δτ are two key parameters that can characterize earthquake source and the associated potential for ground shaking. Despite their importance, a controversy has emerged in recent years regarding whether there is a positive or negative correlation between Δτ and Vr. Here I attempt to reconcile the controversy by presenting a context-based solution and a physics-based solution. The first solution calls for attention to the specific context under which Vr and Δτ are discussed, as their meanings and estimated values can vary between different studies. It is noted that a negative correlation between Δτ and Vr can result, at least partly, from a tradeoff effect inherent to certain analysis method. For the second solution, it is shown that the specific correlation between Δτ and Vr can depend on the condition of fracture energy Gc. Constant Gc often favors a positive correlation, whereas introducing a variability of Gc can lead to a negative correlation. More efforts are needed to improve the methods for estimating Vr and Δτ, and to explore other mechanisms that may explain the correlation between the two parameters.
18 Apr 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
18 Apr 2023Published in ESS Open Archive