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Can we observe near-inertial waves by using lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler?
  • Katsuro Katsumata
Katsuro Katsumata

Corresponding Author:k.katsumata@jamstec.go.jp

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Feasibility of observing near-inertial waves with a single cast of a lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler is quantitatively assessed in simulated Garrett-Munk internal waves. Because the inertial period is shorter in higher latitudes and the interval between the upand downcasts is longer in shallower depths, the performance of the estimator is better in higher latitudes at shallower depths. Even in the best conditions, however, the estimates are contaminated by relative uncertainties greater than 100%. It is not feasible to estimate nearinertial waves accurately using a LADCP cast. Nevertheless, repeated casts at one station are capable of resolving typical near-inertial waves.