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Determination of Potato Crop Cultivation in Hamedan Province, Using time series Satellite Images IRSP6
  • Loghman Khodakarami
Loghman Khodakarami
Department of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Koya University, Koya, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abstract: Potato is an important commodity in terms of nutrition basket. Lack of knowledge of this situation specially production level of this staple product has led to un-sustainability in supply and demand so that both consumer and producer or farmer subjects to this un-consistency.by considering potato agronomical calendar and its difference with main commodities such as wheat and barley , we tried to identify and estimate area under cropping potato farms in Hamedan province where are the production domain of this staple using remote sensing techniques and Awifs image time series from IRSP6 satellite. For that reason Awifs time series imaging was used for determine potato cropping area. Results of elementary investigation showed that we need three time series images due to difference in planting, maintaining and harvesting of this yield and others regions main crops including alfalfa, wheat and barley because of climate variations. hence in three intervals 27 April, when we see green vegetation of alfalfa and wheat,18 July when potato has been grew completely at Hamedan and Bahar counties but at Razan and Kabudrahang counties we see complete growth of them at 16 Agust ,up-to-date images of region ordered and prepared as organized manner. Necessary processing such as preparation, atmospheric and geometric correction, vegetation index, un-supervised classification were conducted using suitable training sites in different images of supervised classification on the images. each image was classified into 9 class including: plowing classes, water, vegetation, un-arable lands, lime lands, mountains, salty lands, metropolitan and farrow).phase classification method could identify farms and rangelands, but it was unable to distinguish all of potato farms from others crops using image classification due to close similarity between potato spectral refection percentage and other simultaneous crops at greenness period. therefore three time intervals were used for distinguish area under potato cropping using classified maps so that first vegetation classification extracted from three classified maps and then vegetation map resulted from 18 July image which was include alfalfa, potato, orchards and nursery land uses to obtain potato cropping area in Hamedan and Bahar counties using vegetation class of 27 April image which included wheat, barley, orchard and nursery and without potato masked and area under potato cropping in two counties was estimated. To obtain potato cropping area in Razan and Kabudrahang vegetation result from 16 Agust image which included alfalfa, orchard,nursery and potato was masked using vegetation map resulted from April 27 which included wheat, barley, alfalfa, orchardS ,nursery and without potato and area under cropped was determined. Following integration of these two layers, studied area under cropping map prepared using phase classification method. Also by vegetation indices NDVI and SAVI , area under cropping of three ma