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Knowledge Inventory of Foundational Data Products in Planetary Science
  • Jason R. Laura
Jason R. Laura
United States Geological Survey

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Some of the key components of any Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure (PDSI) are the data products that end-users wish to discover, access, and interrogate. One precursor to the implementation of a PSDI is a knowledge inventory which catalogs what products are available, from which data producers, and at what initially understood data qualities. We present a knowledge inventory of foundational PSDI data products: geodetic coordinate reference frames, elevation or topography, and orthoimages or orthomosaics. Additionally, we catalog the available gravity models that serve as critical datums for the assessment of spatial location, spatial accuracy, and ultimately spatial efficacy. We strengthen our previously published definitions of foundational data products to assist in solidifying a common vocabulary that will improve communication about these essential data products.
01 Feb 2021Published in The Planetary Science Journal volume 2 issue 1 on pages 18. 10.3847/PSJ/abcb94