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Environmental Philosophy: Rethinking Climate Change through the Jellyfish Metaphor
  • Zuhriddin Juraev,
  • Young-Jin Ahn
Zuhriddin Juraev
Department of Geography, Chonnam National University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Young-Jin Ahn
Department of Geography, Chonnam National University


This treatise offers a philosophical odyssey into the exigency of conservation within the broader context of an increasingly interconnected world, beset by the perils of globalization, climate change, and the looming specter of global warming. Employing the evocative metaphor of a jellyfish, it endeavors to shed light on the paramount role of humanity as the principal protagonist in the saga of environmental predicaments, thereby accentuating our profound moral responsibility to navigate the labyrinthine pathways toward viable solutions. While this discourse abstains from presenting empirical or case-specific inquiries, it unfurls an incisive analytical vantage point that enriches our cognitive grasp of the intricate interplay between human societies and the pristine realms of the natural order. By expounding upon poignant exemplars of environmental degradation and unveiling the resplendent tapestry of statistical observations, the profound ethical imperatives that undergird the imperative to confront predicaments such as climate change are thrust into the limelight of intellectual inquiry. Consequently, by delving deep into these philosophical bedrocks, this magnum opus augments our erudition concerning the multifaceted nexus that binds humankind to their surroundings, thus affording us a glimpse into the subtle tapestry of a complex relationship that must be diligently nurtured and preserved.
12 Jul 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
20 Jul 2023Published in ESS Open Archive