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Advancing Enhanced Weathering Modeling in Soils: Systematic Comparison and Validation with Experimental Data
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  • Matteo Bernard Bertagni,
  • Salvatore Calabrese,
  • Giuseppe Cipolla,
  • Leonardo Valerio Noto,
  • Amilcare M Porporato
Matteo Bernard Bertagni
Princeton University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Salvatore Calabrese
Texas A&M University
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Giuseppe Cipolla
Universita' di Palermo
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Leonardo Valerio Noto
University of Palermo
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Amilcare M Porporato
Princeton University
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Enhanced weathering (EW) is a promising strategy to remove atmospheric CO2 by amending agricultural and forestry soils with ground silicate materials. However, the current model-based assessments of EW potential face uncertainties stemming from the intricate interplay among soil physical, chemical, and biotic processes, compounded by the absence of a detailed model-data comparison, mostly due to the limited availability of comprehensive data. Here, we address this critical gap by advancing and validating an ecohydrological and biogeochemical model for EW dynamics in soils. We conduct a hierarchical validation in which model results are critically compared to four experimental datasets of increasing complexity, from simple closed incubation systems to open mesocosm experiments. The comparison demonstrates the model ability to capture the dynamics of primary variables, including rock alkalinity release and CO2 sequestration. The comparison also reveals that weathering rates are consistently lower than traditionally assumed by up to two orders of magnitude. We finally discuss avenues for further theoretical and experimental explorations.
17 Jan 2024Submitted to ESS Open Archive
18 Jan 2024Published in ESS Open Archive