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The Horizontal Resolution Sensitivity of the Simple Convection-Permitting E3SM Atmosphere Model in a Doubly-Periodic Configuration
  • Peter Bogenschutz,
  • Christopher Eldred,
  • Peter Caldwell
Peter Bogenschutz
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Christopher Eldred
Sanida National Laboratory
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Peter Caldwell
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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We develop a doubly periodic version of the Simple Convection-Permitting E3SM Atmosphere Model (SCREAM) to provide an “efficient” configuration for this global storm resolving model (GSRM), akin to a single column model (SCM) often found in conventional general circulation models (GCMs). The design details are explained, in addition to the extensive case library associated with the doubly periodic SCREAM (DP-SCREAM) configuration. We demonstrate that doubly periodic cloud resolving models are useful tools to explore the scale awareness and scale sensitivity of GSRMs, in addition to replicating biases seen in the global models. Using DP-SCREAM, we show that SCREAM is a scale aware model as it is able to realistically partition between sub-grid scale (SGS) and resolved vertical transport across the gray zone of turbulence. We show that SCREAM is reasonably scale insensitive when run at resolutions from 1 to 5 km, but can exhibit sensitivity, particularly for the shallow convective regime, when run at resolutions approaching that of large eddy simulations. We conclude that SGS parameterization improvements are likely needed to reduce this scale sensitivity.