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Advancing Entrepreneurism in the Geosciences
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  • Raj Pandya,
  • Jesse Amin,
  • Emille Beller,
  • Julia Kumari Drapkin,
  • Emily Gercke,
  • Tanya Harrison,
  • Laura Lyon,
  • Andre Marshall,
  • Mika McKinnon,
  • Leah Nichols,
  • Katherine Rubida,
  • Peter Schlosser,
  • Shaun Pal Smith,
  • Shah Selbe
Raj Pandya

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jesse Amin
Emille Beller
Julia Kumari Drapkin
Emily Gercke
Tanya Harrison
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Laura Lyon
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Andre Marshall
Mika McKinnon
Leah Nichols
Katherine Rubida
Peter Schlosser
Shaun Pal Smith
Shah Selbe
05 Dec 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
10 Dec 2023Published in ESS Open Archive