November 03, 2023
AICropCAM - An Edge Imaging Platform with a Stack of Deep Learning Models for Plant P...
Nipuna Chamara, Geng(Frank) Bai, Yufeng Ge, et al.
October 18, 2023
Simulation and Optimization of Maize Phyllotaxy and Planting Pattern to Intercept Mor...
Zhaocheng Xiang and Yufeng Ge
October 18, 2023
Diurnal Variation of Canopy NDVI in Maize and Soybean
Junxiao Zhang, Geng(Frank) Bai, Nipuna Chamara, et al.
November 19, 2021
Data driven trait quantification across a maize diversity panel using hyperspectral l...
Michael Tross, Marcin Grzybowski, Aime V Nishimwe, et al.
November 19, 2021
Machine Learning Approach for Predicting Flowering Days in Sorghum
Aime Nishimwe, Mackenzie Zwiener, Marcin Grzybowski, et al.