May 25, 2023
Modeling Kelvin Helmholtz Instability Tube & Knot Dynamics and Their Impact on Mi...
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January 24, 2020
Interhemispheric Comparisons of Structure and Variability of the Quasi-2-Day Wave at...
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June 13, 2020
Mesospheric Mountain Wave Activity in the Lee of the Southern Andes
Pierre-Dominique Pautet, Michael J. Taylor, David C. Fritts, et al.
May 18, 2020
Gravity Wave Breaking and Vortex Ring Formation Observed by PMC Turbo
Christopher Geach, Shaul Hanany, Dave Fritts, et al.
July 08, 2021
Assessment of precision of spectral model turbulence analysis technique using DNS-dat...
Boris Strelnikov, Markus Rapp, David C. Fritts, et al.