November 03, 2022
Non-orographic gravity waves and turbulence caused by merging jet streams
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July 07, 2022
Gravity-Wave-Driven Seasonal Variability of Temperature Differences between ECMWF IFS...
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June 14, 2022
The coexistence of gravity waves from diverse sources during a SOUTHTRAC flight
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April 07, 2022
Observations of gravity wave refraction and its causes and consequences
Markus Geldenhuys, Bernd Kaifler, Peter Preusse, et al.
August 24, 2022
A Spectral Rotary Analysis of Gravity Waves: An Application during one of the SOUTHTR...
Alejandro de la Torre, Peter Alexander, Tomás Marcos, et al.
July 08, 2021
Assessment of precision of spectral model turbulence analysis technique using DNS-dat...
Boris Strelnikov, Markus Rapp, David C. Fritts, et al.