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January 24, 2024
Implementation and evaluation of SNICAR snow albedo scheme in Noah-MP (version 5.0) l...
Tzu-Shun Lin, Cenlin He, Ronnie ABOLAFIA-ROSENZWEIG, et al.
September 15, 2022
Andrea Zonato, Alberto Martilli, Estatio Gutierrez, et al.
June 28, 2021
Evident cooling effects of surface wetlands to mitigate climate change - a study of t...
Zhe Zhang, Fei Chen, Michael Barlage, et al.
April 02, 2021
Exploring the effects of rooftop mitigation strategies on 1 urban temperatures and en...
Andrea Zonato, Alberto Martilli, Estatio Gutierrez, et al.
May 02, 2020
Joint modeling of crop and irrigation in the Central United States using the Noah-MP...
Yanping Li, Zhe Zhang, Micheal Barlage, et al.
November 24, 2021
Increased Risk of Extreme Precipitation over an Urban Agglomeration with Future Globa...
Quang-Van Doan, Fei Chen, Hiroyuki Kusaka, et al.
September 21, 2021
Modeling the hydrologic influence of subsurface tile drainage using the National Wate...
Prasanth Valayamkunnath, David J Gochis, Fei Chen, et al.