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  • Rebecca E Skinner
Rebecca E Skinner

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VOC compounds-carcinogenic substances for which the EPA has set no safe threshold-are prevalent and persistent aerosol pollutants. Regulation at the source is ideal but not sufficient. Our work starts with a local solution at the conjunction of urban topography and aerosol pollution. Mitigation at the source, as per CARB's banning of MTBE in 2002, and perchloroethylene starting in 2007, is productive. However, what works in suburban California does not work in the dense cities of the global South. In context of the world's more prevalent urban topography, this is not enough. EPA NESHAPs Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants; 1970 with a major revision in 1989. CARB Gasoline and other TAC Regulations Banning of MTBE additives, toxic hotspot inventories, banning perc. EU Legislation for VOCs Enhanced monitoring of benzene and other VOCs.
29 May 2024Submitted to ESS Open Archive
30 May 2024Published in ESS Open Archive