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Understanding the Urgent Need for Direct Climate Cooling
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  • Ron baiman,
  • Ron Baiman,
  • Sev Clarke,
  • Clive Elsworth,
  • Leslie Field,
  • Michael Maccracken,
  • John Macdonald,
  • David Mitchell,
  • Franz Dietrich Oeste,
  • Suzanne Reed,
  • Stephen Salter,
  • Herb Simmens,
  • Ye Tao,
  • Robert Tulip
Ron baiman

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Ron Baiman
Benedictine University
Sev Clarke
Winwick Business Solutions P/L
Clive Elsworth
Citizens Climate Lobby
Leslie Field
Bright Ice Initiative
Michael Maccracken
Climate Institute
John Macdonald
Climate Foundation
David Mitchell
Desert Research Institute
Franz Dietrich Oeste
gM-Ingenieurbüro, Desert Research Institute
Suzanne Reed
The Collaboration Connection
Stephen Salter
University of Edinburgh
Herb Simmens
Ye Tao
MEER Framework
Robert Tulip
Iron Salt Aerosol Australia Pty Ltd


• Climate change and impacts will continue to accelerate until the warming influences are reduced or offset by direct cooling approaches. • Direct climate cooling approaches have the potential to reduce local to global portions of human-induced warming influences. • GHG emission reduction and removal policies alone will take at least decades to halt warming, much less restore 20 th century conditions.
16 May 2024Submitted to ESS Open Archive
16 May 2024Published in ESS Open Archive