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Esprit de Corpse: Further Co-Creative ArtScience Journeys
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  • Dwight Owens,
  • Julia Jung,
  • Jayalaxshmi Mistry,
  • Aleksandra Cherkasheva,
  • Alison Laurie Neilson,
  • Camille Parrain,
  • Anna Milena Zivian,
  • Diego Narvaez
Dwight Owens

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Julia Jung
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Jayalaxshmi Mistry
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Aleksandra Cherkasheva
Alison Laurie Neilson
Camille Parrain
Anna Milena Zivian
Diego Narvaez


c\cite{Beck_2021,Claudet_2020,Cunsolo_2018,Franke_2020,process,Jung_2022,Kemmis_2014} In 2021, and again in 2022, our globally scattered group of artists and scientists followed the Exquisite Corpse process for co-creating multiple threaded series of artworks inspired by extreme ocean events. In 2023 some members of our two groups convened a series of collaborative synchronous sessions to create a shared understanding of the paths we took to join this creative community and engage in this open ArtScience collaboration.Prompted by a sense of curiosity, a shared passion for the ocean and the will to collaborate, artists and scientists came together (virtually) to forge relationships around the shared intent to deepen our understanding of transdisciplinary ArtScience and how it can contribute to ocean knowledge. Discovering common ground (and creating a grounded commons) and mutual interests, we set forth on a path of curiosity into a formal Exquisite Corpse cycle. We created an array of art projects drawn from a semi-ambiguous “seed” within a semi-safe, not-always-comfortable space for experimentation and creation. Through cyclical introspection, enactment, opening, giving, and receiving, we developed our artwork series and relationships among our group. Finally, in the sharing of these series, we experienced new insights about our individual and collective perceptions of extreme ocean events, while simultaneously further deepening our relationships and appreciation for the potency of ArtScience collaborations.
This poster was presented at the AGU23 Meeting in San Francisco, CA, on 13 December 2023. Conference abstract URL: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm23/meetingapp.cgi/Paper/1266010
08 Jan 2024Submitted to ESS Open Archive
02 Feb 2024Published in ESS Open Archive