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Hot spring diatoms are linked to extreme cold  conditions: A new perspective for astrobiological implication from the sinter deposit of  Puga hot spring, Ladakh, India            
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  • Sunil Kumar Shukla,
  • Amritpal Singh Chaddha,
  • Kamlesh Kumar,
  • Anupam Sharma,
  • S. K. Pandey,
  • Vivesh V. Kapur,
  • Binita Phartiyal,
  • A. Shivam,
  • Ankur Dabhi,
  • Ravi Bhushan
Sunil Kumar Shukla
Amritpal Singh Chaddha
Kamlesh Kumar
Anupam Sharma

Corresponding Author:

S. K. Pandey
Vivesh V. Kapur
Binita Phartiyal
A. Shivam
Ankur Dabhi
Ravi Bhushan
01 Dec 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
03 Dec 2023Published in ESS Open Archive