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Translations Of Neural Networks based on Fuzzy Weights for Binary Keys within Delayed and Actual Time
  • Amitesh Kumar Singam
Amitesh Kumar Singam

Corresponding Author:amisin23@student.hh.se

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The Key facts of Translations are meant to validated the Fuzzy Weights. Moreover, In our case Fuzzy weights are based on Logical Reasoning  and Logical Thinking, even though fuzzy logics are not concerned with data rather it depends on thought process based on human brain Imitation. Generally, at some point mankind depends on his own creations and tries to understand its usage through Machine Language or so called Machine Teaching and this is were humans try to understand fuzzy concepts based on binary language, moreover this translations are  meant to become complicated the more we go deeper but here comes our originality  of introducing fuzzy weights or logic based on Switching Theory Logical design which produces binary keys instead of values, we concentrated on reducing complexity of Machine Teaching through fuzzy weights.
14 Nov 2023Submitted to Data Science and Machine Learning
14 Nov 2023Published in Data Science and Machine Learning