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Device Performance of Emerging Photovoltaic Materials (Version 4)    
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  • Osbel Almora,
  • Carlos I Cabrera,
  • Sule Erten-Ela,
  • Karen Forberich,
  • Kenjiro Fukuda,
  • Fei Guo,
  • Jens Hauch,
  • Anita W. Y. Ho-Baillie,
  • T. Jesper Jacobson,
  • Rene A. J. Janssen,
  • Thomas Kirchartz,
  • Maria A. Loi,
  • Xavier Mathew,
  • David B. Mitzi,
  • Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin,
  • Ulrich W. Paetzold,
  • Barry P. Rand,
  • Uwe Rau,
  • Takao Someya,
  • Lídice Vaillant-Roca,
  • Christoph J. Brabec
Osbel Almora

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Carlos I Cabrera
Author Profile
Sule Erten-Ela
Karen Forberich
Kenjiro Fukuda
Fei Guo
Jens Hauch
Anita W. Y. Ho-Baillie
T. Jesper Jacobson
Rene A. J. Janssen
Thomas Kirchartz
Maria A. Loi
Xavier Mathew
David B. Mitzi
Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin
Ulrich W. Paetzold
Barry P. Rand
Uwe Rau
Takao Someya
Lídice Vaillant-Roca
Christoph J. Brabec


Following the 3rd release of the “Emerging PV reports” , the best achievements in the performance of emerging photovoltaic (e-PV) devices in diverse e-PV research subjects are summarized, as reported in peer-reviewed articles in academic journals since August 2022. Updated graphs, tables and analyses are provided with several performance parameters, such as power conversion efficiency, open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current density, fill factor, light utilization efficiency, and stability test energy yield. These parameters are presented as a function of the photovoltaic bandgap energy and the average visible transmittance for each technology and application, and are put into perspective using, for example, the detailed balance efficiency limit. The 4th installment of the “Emerging PV reports” discusses the “PV emergence” classification with respect to the “PV technology generations” and “PV research waves” and highlights the latest device performance progress in multijunction and flexible photovoltaics. Additionally, Dale-Scarpulla’s plots of efficiency-effort in terms of cumulative academic publication count are also introduced.
20 Sep 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
30 Sep 2023Published in ESS Open Archive