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Graph Algorithmic Thinking for the Wow! Signal. The First Contact.
  • Gizo Vashakidze
Gizo Vashakidze
Tbilisi State University of Iv. Javakhishvili (TSU), Institute of Applied Ecology at TSU,

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The major objective of this study is to decode the “Wow!” signal - converting it into textual content. A novel feature of the present work consists in a unique approach. When considering the recorded Wow! signal not only the 6 signals received on channel #2 are taken into account, but also total content of the 12 signals received on six different channels as a result of which we got an infographic image. In this study, an algorithmic method was used. The interpretation of the infographic image includes the content similar to the brief characteristic of the solar system. Hence, our cosmic address in this infinite universe is fixed. The distance from the Sun to one of the celestial objects is also recorded (19.9 light-years). The researchers from the Big Ear radio telescope report that at the moment of picking up the signal, the scanning of the sky took place towards the constellation Sagittarius. The binary pair – J. Herschel 5173 AB – is located at approximately the same distance in the indicated direction. According to the calculations of astronomers, the mentioned binary pair of stars and the Sun are approaching each other. The infographic representation of the radio signal displays the same information.Therefore, a rare phenomenon - the stellar convergence can be considered as the motivation for beginning written communication. Thus, we arrived to the conclusion that the aforementioned binary pair may be viewed as a potential star the alien Wow! signal had come from.
28 Sep 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
29 Sep 2023Published in ESS Open Archive