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Beyond “Geological Nature” and Fatalistic Determinism: The Socio-cultural Faces of the Anthropocene and the Political Space to Avoid Ecological Catastrophe
  • Piotr Zuk,
  • Paweł Żuk
Piotr Zuk
University of Helsinki

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Paweł Żuk
Wrocław University of Economics
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The commentary encourages supplementing the geological and natural concept of the Anthropocene with a cultural and political aspect. These two perspectives are not mutually exclusive but are complementary. This approach can facilitate its transition from the language of academic debate to practical and necessary actions at the societal level. According to the authors, the slightly abstract and impersonal Anthropocene should be shown in the context of cultural, economic and political dependencies and choices that created it and continue to reproduce its logic. This turn also opens up a new area for analysing the Anthropocene from the perspective of a critique of political economy (an analysis of the costs of economic policies that reproduce and accelerate successive stages of the ecological catastrophe) as well as of civic culture (research ‘anthropocentric awareness’ or ‘anthropocentric citizenship’ in entire societies). Thus, the authors suggest rejecting the fatalistic determinism of the Anthropocene as a process that, although originally caused by humans, is now often treated as a phenomenon beyond the reach of social action
31 Aug 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
11 Sep 2023Published in ESS Open Archive