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The Symbolic Meaning of Sunlight in Mithraism
  • Moein Azimi
Moein Azimi
Image Processing Expert, Royal College of surgeons in Ireland Dublin


Mithraism is an ancient religious tradition that predates Zoroastrianism and centers around the worship of Mithra, an Iranian god associated with various aspects, including the sun, justice, contracts, and war. Among its many symbolic elements, sunlight stands out as a central and recurring motif. Central to the Mithraic initiation rituals was the concept of moving from darkness into light. Initiates would progress through a series of seven grades or stages, symbolizing the ascent of the soul towards divine enlightenment. The ultimate goal was to reach the highest grade, known as "Pater," where the initiate would be reborn into a new spiritual existence bathed in the light of Mithras, often represented by the image of the rising sun. This paper delves into the symbolic meaning of sunlight within the context of Mithraism, exploring its multifaceted interpretations and its role in the spiritual and philosophical landscape of this enigmatic faith.
01 Sep 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
11 Sep 2023Published in ESS Open Archive