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Wave attenuation by sea ice in the Arctic marginal ice zone observed by spaceborne SAR
  • Bingqing Huang,
  • Xiaoming Li
Bingqing Huang
Aerospace Information Research Institution, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Xiaoming Li
Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Corresponding Author:lixm@radi.ac.cn

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Attenuation of ocean waves by ice is a crucial process of the interaction between waves and sea ice in marginal ice zone (MIZ), while such interaction can contribute to the retreating of sea ice in the Arctic. Based on the retrieved two-dimensional ocean wave spectra by spaceborne SAR, we investigated the attenuation of ocean waves in the MIZ in Svalbard and Greenland. The results show that the energy attenuation rate ranges from \(0.126\times10^{-4}\)/m to  \(0.618\times10^{-4}\)/m . Quantitative analysis suggests that the attenuation rate is significantly related to wave height and peak wave period of coming waves. It is further found that the waves decay faster in the area with ice thickness exceeding 0.5 m. We compared the derived wave attenuation rates in the present study with those in previous studies based on in situ measurements, which reveals that waves are becoming less attenuated by sea ice in the Arctic in recent decades.
22 Jun 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
23 Jun 2023Published in ESS Open Archive