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Message in a Bottle - An Update to the Golden Record
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  • Jonathan H Jiang,
  • Anamaria Berea,
  • Heather Bowden,
  • Prithwis Das,
  • Kristen Fahy,
  • Robert Jew,
  • Xiaoming Jiang,
  • Arik Kershenbaum,
  • David Kipping,
  • Graham Lau,
  • Karen Lewis,
  • C. Isabel Nunez Lendo,
  • Philip E. Rosen,
  • Nick Searra,
  • Stuart F Taylor,
  • John Traphagan
Jonathan H Jiang
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:jonathan.h.jiang@jpl.nasa.gov

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Anamaria Berea
George Mason University
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Heather Bowden
Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Prithwis Das
Vivekananda Mission High School
Author Profile
Kristen Fahy
JPL / Caltech
Author Profile
Robert Jew
All-Earth Citizens Foundation
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Xiaoming Jiang
Wuhan University
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Arik Kershenbaum
Cambridge University
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David Kipping
Columbia University
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Graham Lau
Blue Marble Space Institute of Science
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Karen Lewis
Columbia University
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C. Isabel Nunez Lendo
University of Technology Sydney
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Philip E. Rosen
5. Independent Researcher
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Nick Searra
. Interstellar Foundation
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Stuart F Taylor
SETI Institute
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John Traphagan
Waseda University
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Communication is an essential asset enabling humankind to forge an advanced civilization. Using approximately 31,000 languages from the Stone Age to our present digital information society, humans have connected and collaborated to accomplish remarkable feats. As the newly dawned Space Age progresses, we are attempting to communicate with intelligent species beyond our world, on distant planets and in Earth’s far future. Absent mutually understood signs, symbols, and semiotic conventions, this study, the “Message in a Bottle”, uses scientific methods to assess and design a means of communication encapsulating the story of humanity, conveying our thoughts, emotions, ingenuity, and aspirations. The message will be structured to provide a universal yet contextual understanding of modern human society, evolution of life on Earth, and challenges for the future. In assembling this space and time capsule, we aim to energize and unite current generations to celebrate and preserve humanity.
24 May 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
25 May 2023Published in ESS Open Archive