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How to practically estimate the petrophysical properties of rocks: A Proposal
  • Metwally Hamza,
  • El-Sayed Refat,
  • Rawan Hany
Metwally Hamza
Benha University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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El-Sayed Refat
Tanta University
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Rawan Hany
Tanta University
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The petrophysical properties of rocks are a strong and an effective indicator of the extent of the susceptibility of the rocks themselves to building and construction operations above and above them. As these tests are conclusive evidence that such rocks will not have a landslide or semi-collapse, and from here we focus in this scientific proposal paper on them practically in a manner of step-by-step, to make it easier for the specialist to understand the well. These properties are an assistant to the geologist and civil engineer in the field of work, as they work to provide actual numbers of the rocks, or in other words, the process of converting rocks into mere numbers that speak for themselves effectively and feasibly, such properties are sufficient.