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Applying triangular correlation of angular deviation for multi-block materials via GEANT4 simulations
  • Ahmet Ilker Topuz,
  • Madis Kiisk,
  • Andrea Giammanco
Ahmet Ilker Topuz
University of Tartu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Madis Kiisk
University of Tartu
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Andrea Giammanco
Université catholique de Louvain
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The possibility to exploit the muon scattering for the elemental discrimination of materials in a given volume is well known. When more than one material is present along the muon path, it is often important to discern the order in which they are stacked. The scattering angle due to the target volume can be split into two interior angles in the tomographic setups based on the muon scattering, and we call this property as the triangular correlation where the sum of these two interior angles is equal to the scattering angle. In this study, we apply this triangular correlation for a multi-block material configuration that consist of concrete, stainless steel, and uranium. By changing the order of this material set, we employ the GEANT4 simulations and we show that the triangular correlation is valid in the multi-block material setups, thereby providing the possibility of supportive information for the coarse prediction of the material order in such configurations.