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An Integrated Nonlinear Analysis (INA) Software for Space Plasma Turbulence
  • Costel Munteanu,
  • Péter Kovács,
  • Marius Echim
Costel Munteanu
Institute of Space Science

Corresponding Author:costelm@spacescience.ro

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Péter Kovács
Wigner Research Centre for Physics
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Marius Echim
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
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We built an integrated nonlinear analysis software -INA- designed to study space plasma turbulence and intermittency. The MATLAB programming environment was used for the algorithmic development and implementation of methods for spectral analysis, multiscale fluctuations and multifractal analysis. The performance of INA is demonstrated using magnetic field measurements from the Cluster 3 spacecraft during an inbound pass through the Earth’s magnetosheath region. We show how specific features of the power spectral density (PSD) can be mapped to localised time-frequency regions in the spectrogram representation, and identify multiple intermittent events using the wavelet-based local intermittency measure (LIM). Multiscale probability density functions (PDFs) showed clear departures from Gaussianity, signifying the presence of intermittency. Structure functions (SFs) and rank-ordered multifractal analysis (ROMA) revealed the multifractal nature of the analysed signal. INA is freely distributed as a standalone executable file to any interested user, and provides an integrated, interactive, and user-friendly environment in which one can import a dataset, customize key analysis parameters, apply multiple methods on the same signal and then export high-quality, publication-ready figures. These are only a few of the many distinguishing features of INA.