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Poroelastic Response of Shallow Crust Induced Seasonal Changes in Geohydrologic Parameters
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  • Xin Liao,
  • Zhiqiang Fan,
  • Zhen-Yu Wang,
  • Chunping Liu
Xin Liao
Institute of Disaster Prevention; Hebei Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Zhiqiang Fan
Northwestern Polytechnical University
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Zhen-Yu Wang
Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration
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Chunping Liu
Institute of Disaster Prevention
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Quantitative evaluations of hydrological processes that induce changes in the geohydrologic parameters of groundwater systems are of great significance in subsurface hydrology. In this study, the tidal response of the water level in Lijiang well was considered as an indicator of the hydrological parameters, and the seasonal changes of the tidal response were investigated. The results suggested that the seasonal change of tidal response should be attributed to the seasonal changes in the geohydrologic parameters, which are caused by the opening/closing of pre-existing fractures or fracture aperture changes in the groundwater system, owing to regional precipitation recharge that produces a poroelastic response in the groundwater system. This suggests that the groundwater system in the shallow crust can be viewed as a natural positive feedback poroelastic-hydraulic coupled system during the hydrological processes. These findings may have far-reaching implications for the safety of the subsurface environment, ecosystem, and groundwater resources.