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Integrated Dynamics-Physics Coupling for Weather to Climate Models: GFDL SHiELD with In-Line Microphysics
  • Linjiong Zhou,
  • Lucas Harris
Linjiong Zhou
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Corresponding Author:linjiong.zhou@noaa.gov

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Lucas Harris
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We propose an integrated dynamics-physics coupling framework for weather and climate-scale models. Each physical parameterization would be advanced on its natural time scale, revised to include a moist thermodynamic relationship, and finally integrated into the relevant components of the dynamical core. We show results using a cloud microphysics scheme integrated within the dynamical core of the GFDL SHiELD weather model to demonstrate the promise of this concept. We call it the in-line microphysics as it is in-lined within the dynamical core. Statistics gathered from one year of weather forecasts show significantly better prediction skills when the model is upgraded to use the in-line microphysics. However, we do find that some biases are degraded with the in-line microphysics. The in-line microphysics also shows larger-amplitude and higher-frequency variations in cloud structures within a tropical cyclone than the traditionally-coupled microphysics. Finally, we discuss the prospects for further development of this integrated dynamics-physics coupling.