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A Novel Population of Slow Magnetosonic Waves in the Ionosphere
  • Charles Lougheed Bennett
Charles Lougheed Bennett
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Corresponding Author:charlie_bennett@comcast.net

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Using data from the Van Allen Probe and Swarm-Bravo satellites, evidence for a persistent population of slow magnetosonic waves in the ionosphere is presented. Dispersion relations from two-fluid analyses of waves in warm plasma are used to interpret and explicate these observations. These waves appear to be continuously present and globally distributed. Their amplitudes systematically decrease with increasing altitude. The amplitudes are also correlated with longitude in a manner consistent with the global distribution of lightning strikes. Evidence for a number of narrow resonances consistent with doppler shifted Schumann resonance frequencies is presented.
28 Mar 2023Submitted to ESS Open Archive
04 Apr 2023Published in ESS Open Archive
May 2023Published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics volume 128 issue 5. 10.1029/2022JA030855