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A Short Note On The Basins In The Light Of The Tectonics In Continental Regime
  • Zarin Ali
Zarin Ali
Vedanta Hindustan Zin Ltd, Vedanta Hindustan Zin Ltd

Corresponding Author:geo.zarin.ali@gmail.com

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Investigating basins in light of tectonics provides clues to understanding geological happenings serving a great deal to explore base metal deposits & hydrocarbon reservoirs depending on type of basin & sediment accumulations in different margins. This paper focusses on archiving thoughts in wake of tectonics to understand the interplay of divergent,convergent & strike-slip settings leading to association of different basins on continental & oceanic crusts. Association of intracratonic sag basin, rift basin & passive margin basin is proposed in an extensional set up and a trench,forearc, back-arc & foreland basin is proposed for a collisional set up in active margins.