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The Pi constant identity and local Magnetosphere
  • Michael Anthony Norton
Michael Anthony Norton
Lunar Production Services

Corresponding Author:spectrumlcs@charter.net

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Scholarly work and texts of mathematics and physics are abundant. Regardless of age of such texts that include ubiquitous reason, the pi constant, a modern definition and rule that is only 2-dimensional in established publications and teachings, the author hypothesizes, provides evidence for the 2-dimensionally-saturate world of communications, education, and commerce we live in. Indicatively, television and web displays (2-dimensional text, picture and/or audio) and other established media formats seem to interfere with our understanding of the 4- dimensional world we live in. The un-updated definition of the pi constant evidently is a reason for this. While the value and its digits may be continually updating, it serves no one any greater purpose if our understanding of its function is not simplified. We can prove pi defined as much in a simple 4-dimensional context as the existing 2-dimensional definition, the latter of which is that pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference divided by its diameter. Pi is not in itself a circumference, but like a ring or an earring with a little space between it, and naturally defined as circulation.