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Frequency oscillation of whistler wave in magnetic reconnection
  • heng zhang,
  • Bingyan Lei,
  • Qing-He Zhang
heng zhang
Northwest Normal University

Corresponding Author:zhangheng@nwnu.edu.cn

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Bingyan Lei
Northwest Normal University
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Qing-He Zhang
Institute of Space Sciences, Shangdong University
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A 2.5-D PIC kinetic simulation code has been run for excitation of whistler wave and wave-particle interaction process in symmetric magnetic reconnection. The whistler wave is important to the energy release and transfer, which move faster for a perturbation of the magnetic field because of electrons smaller mass during magnetic reconnection. Our simulations suggest that whistler wave can be excited in separatrices line region of magnetic reconnection, and the frequency range of whistler wave is in the lower band (Ωlh< Ω <0.5Ωce). Furthermore, the frequency of whistler wave is oscillation with the change of space position. And the power amplitude of whistler wave also increases with the increasing of reconnection rate. On the other hand, whistler wave can transfer energy to electrons, which increases electrons energy by wave-particle interaction.