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Seismic Evidence for Magmatic Underplating and Intrusion in Northeast China
  • Chuansong He
Chuansong He
Institute of Geophysics China Earthquake Adminstration

Corresponding Author:hechuansong@aliyun.com

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The origin of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic volcanism in Northeast China (NE China) and the formation of the Songliao Basin (SB) therein are highly controversial topics in the earth sciences. Moreover, the crustal structure closely associated with these physical phenomena remains unclear. In this study, ambient noise tomography is performed in NE China. A total of 127 broadband seismic stations with waveform data lasting one year are employed to extract the dispersion curves of Rayleigh waves. Finally, the Rayleigh wave group velocity distributions at 6–40 s and the S-wave velocity structure at depths of 0–60 km are obtained. The results reveal a high-velocity anomaly in the lower crust beneath the SB that might be related to magmatic underplating, and an obvious yet slight low-velocity anomaly is discovered in the middle crust of the SB that may be generated by magmatic intrusion. Furthermore, a low-velocity anomaly at near-surface is detected.