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Virtual sounding of solar-wind effects on the AU and AL indices based on an echo state network model
  • Shin'ya Nakano,
  • Ryuho Kataoka
Shin'ya Nakano
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ryuho Kataoka
National Institute of Polar Research
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The properties of the auroral electrojets are studied by modeling the relationships between the solar-wind parameters and the AU and AL indices with a trained echo state network (ESN), a kind of recurrent neural network. To identify the properties of auroral electrojets, we obtain various synthetic AU and AL data by using various artificial inputs with the trained ESN. The synthetic data show that the AU and AL indices are significantly affected by the solar-wind speed in addition to Bz of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). A contributions from IMF By is are also suggested. In addition, the synthetic data indicate nonlinear effects from the solar-wind density, which is strong when the solar-wind speed is high and when IMF Bz is near zero.