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Strike-slip faults in Bathys Planum, Mars
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  • Andrew Gerrit Siwabessy,
  • John Nicholas Adrian,
  • Nathan Onderdonk,
  • James Matthew Dohm,
  • Robert C. Anderson
Andrew Gerrit Siwabessy
University of Western Ontario

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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John Nicholas Adrian
California State University, Long Beach
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Nathan Onderdonk
California State University, Long Beach
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James Matthew Dohm
Exploration Institute
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Robert C. Anderson
Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA)
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Structures in Bathys Planum, southwest of the Tharsis Rise, Mars, compare to strike-slip faults in California, western United States. Local topographic highs and lows at step-overs between fault segments are likened to pop-up structures and pull-apart basins formed due to left-lateral strike-slip displacement along the faults. The faults are interpreted to have reactivated structures that preceded the propagation of Tharsis-incipient (Stage 1 Claritas tectonic center) graben through this region.