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Reanalysis Surface Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet along K-transect (2000-2014)
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  • Mahdi Navari,
  • Steven A Margulis,
  • Marco Tedesco,
  • Xavier Fettweis,
  • Roderik S. W. van de Wal
Mahdi Navari
Goddard Space Flight Center

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Steven A Margulis
University of California Los Angeles
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Marco Tedesco
Columbia University
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Xavier Fettweis
University of Li├Ęge
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Roderik S. W. van de Wal
Utrecht University
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Accurate estimates of surface mass balance over the Greenland ice sheet (GrIS) would contribute to understanding the cause of recent changes and would help to better estimate the future contribution of the GrIS to sea-level rise. Given the limitations of in-situ measurement, modeling, and remote sensing, it is critical to explore the opportunity to merge the available data to better characterize the spatial and temporal variation of the GrIS SMB. This work utilizes a particle batch smoother data assimilation technique that yields SMB estimates that benefit from the snow/ice model Crocus and a 16-day albedo product derived from satellite remote sensing data. Comparison of the results against in-situ SMB measurements from a transect located nearby the town of Kangerlussuaq shows that the assimilation of the albedo product reduces the root mean square error (RMSE) of the posterior estimates of SMB by 51% and reduces bias by 95%.
08 Sep 2021Published in Geophysical Research Letters volume 48 issue 17. 10.1029/2021GL094602