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Earth as a time crystal: macroscopic nature of a  quantum-scale phenomenon from transformative moderation of geomagnetic polarity,  topography, and climate by precession resonance due to many-body entrainment
  • Mensur Omerbashich
Mensur Omerbashich
Geophysics Online

Corresponding Author:editor@geophysicsjournal.com

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Claims of paleodata periodicity are many and controversial, so that, for example, superimposing Phanerozoic (0–541 My) mass-extinction periods renders life on Earth impossible. This period hunt coincided with the modernization of geochronology, which now ties geological timescales to orbital frequencies. Such tuneup simplifies energy-band (variance-) stratification of information contents, enabling the separation of astronomical signals from harmonics, e.g., using variance-based spectral analysis. I thus show on diverse data (geomagnetic polarity, cratering, extinction episodes) as a proxy of planetary paleodynamics that many-body subharmonic entrainment induces a resonant response of the Earth to astronomical forcing so that the 2π-phase-shifted axial precession p=26 ky, and its Pi=2πp/i; i=1,…,n harmonics, get resonantly responsible for virtually all paleodata periods. This resonantly quasiperiodic nature of strata is co-triggered by a p'/4-lockstep to the p'=41-ky obliquity (also 2π-phase-shifted, to P'=3.5-My superperiod). For verification, residuals analysis after suppressing 2πp (and thus Pi, too) in the current polarity-reversals GPTS-95 timescale’s calibration extending to end-Campanian (0–83 My) successfully detected weak signals of Earth-Mars planetary resonances, reported previously from older epochs. The significant intrinsic residual signal is 26.5-My Rampino period — the carrier wave of crushing deflections co-responsible for transformative polarity reversals. While the (2πp, Pi) resonant response of the Earth to orbital forcing is the long-sought energy transfer mechanism of the Milankovitch theory, fundamental system properties — 2π-phase-shift, ¼ lockstep to a forcer, and the discrete time translation symmetry (multiplied or halved periods) — previously thought confined to (quantum) time crystal, here appear macroscopic, rendering the concept of time crystal unremarkable. In turn, such a surprising cross-scale outcome has confirmed the main result: that of planetary precession being a cataclysmic geodynamic phenomenon as claimed in the past, e.g., as the mechanism for Earth expansion; then a time crystal in quantum dynamics could be due to particle entrainment, such as the collisions resulting in Feshbach resonances.
06 Dec 2022Submitted to ESS Open Archive
07 Dec 2022Published in ESS Open Archive