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Key Reason for the Significant Differences between Earth and Mars/Venus — An unexpected discovery in the study of plate breakup model
  • Tianxi Sun
Tianxi Sun
Suzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, Suzhou 215002, China; Original: East China Hydroelectric Investigation and Design Institute.

Corresponding Author:18913505350@163.com

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The splitting of the plates with SN strikes was attributed to the maximum principal stress field accumulated by the rotation of the Earth. The course of the plate breakup is as follows: any plate has to undergo 5 stages before breaking up; the 5 stages own each tectonic system; the strikes of these 5 tectonic systems gradually deflect 15° towards the rotation axis of the Earth; and after entering the 5th stage, the plate will normally be broken up. This model is supported by experiments and verified using real data from the China Plate, deriving some important conclusions. The five-stage model of plate breakup can explain the linear characteristics of rift valleys and oceanic ridges, which other hypotheses in terms of mantle convection, hot-spots and mantle plumes cannot be explained. Theoretically, the significance of this study might be its filling in gaps in the field of plate tectonics. In addition, this model unexpectedly came to a relatively simple account of why Mars and Venus do not look as our Earth has an entire plate breakup and subsequent florid biological world, mainly because of the 5° deviation between Earth and Mars (or Venus) in the direction of the resultant force that their lithospheric plates have gone through, respectively. The 5° deviation created our distinctive Earth and human beings. Throughout the Solar System, almost all planets are regular spheres except our Earth, which may be why humans is so lonely!