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2n geometric space model of the earth's atmosphere and the periodic table of vertical changes
  • gang Hu,
  • Meiqi hu,
  • jun Hu
gang Hu
Guangzhou College of Technology and Business
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Meiqi hu
Dongli District Hospital
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jun Hu
Guangzhou Guangjun Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The earth’s atmosphere is divided into many layers. Does this divisional structure contain new laws of physics that we have not yet discovered? Here, we mainly study the structural relationship between the various layers of the earth’s atmosphere, hoping to find a new physical law that changes the structure of the earth’s atmosphere with the vertical height. This article believes that this new physical law is the “period law of space structure” of the atmosphere. We can use this law to predict and subdivide the causes of the current atmospheric structures and their correspondences and correlations, and may also derive new physical laws for the structure of the macro-planetary level from this. This article uses the method of 2n geometric space construction; corresponding the 2n geometric space structure to the stratified structure of the earth’s atmosphere, we found that the earth’s atmosphere structure satisfies the principle of 2n geometric space construction, and found that not only the atmosphere has a stratification law, but also It is also found that the inner circle of the earth also has a periodic law that varies with depth. At the same time, a brief periodic structure model of the Earth’s atmosphere and a periodic table of structural changes have been summarized and established. This periodic table may become the physical law that unifies the earth’s atmospheric structure, and it may also reveal the internal connections between the various spheres. It is also an attempt to propose new laws of physics.