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RF Energy Harvesting Circuit Design Using Broadband Wilkinson Power Combiner for Low Power Electronics
  • Joydeep BANERJEE

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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RF energy harvesting is a new area of interest as a research topic during last decade. This paper presents the development of RF energy harvester circuits using a broadband Wilkinson power combiner technique. A modified broadband Wilkinson power combiner is introduced and studied. Authors have proposed a modified voltage multiplier circuit which is the combination of conventional voltage multiplier circuits like Greinacher and Villard voltage multipliers. Author has also proposed and studied a simple MOS based RF energy harvester circuit. The performance of a Schottky diode based RF energy harvester circuit and a MOS based RF energy harvesting circuit have been studied. Author also has carried out Monte Carlo simulation and the simulation results show very small deviation from its nominal output value. Author has developed a prototype of a single stage Greinacher voltage multiplier.