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Eddy-mean flow interactions and vertical eddy energy redistribution associated with the standing meander in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
  • Takuro Matsuta,
  • Yukio Masumoto
Takuro Matsuta
The university of Tokyo

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yukio Masumoto
University of Tokyo
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Recent studies suggest that local eddy-mean flow interactions associated with standing meanders play key roles in the dynamics of the
Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Here we explore the importance of the local dynamics quantitatively with a viewpoint of energy transfer using the Lorentz diagram concept. Results confirm the importance of the eddy-mean flow interactions in the standing meander, showing that 55% of the wind energy input is converted to the eddy energy through the baroclinic instability in the standing meander region. It is also found that most of the eddy kinetic energy is dissipated local in the deeper layer due to the vertical energy redistribution governed by the vertical pressure flux. Contrary, the eddy effects are negligible outside the standing meander region.