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Modeling water infiltration into hydrophobic soils
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  • Claude Hammecker,
  • Siwaporn Siltecho,
  • Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo,
  • Laurent Lassabatere
Claude Hammecker
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement

Corresponding Author:claude.hammecker@ird.fr

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Siwaporn Siltecho
Land Development Department
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Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo
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Laurent Lassabatere
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Infiltration into hydrophobic soils has been widely observed, quantified and documented in many situations and several climates (DeBano, 2000; Angulo-Jaramillo et al., 2016).The modelling of water infiltration into soils with hydrophobic properties is often performed by modifying the unsaturated hydraulic parameters of soils, but only rarely taking into account explicitly the water-repellency. In this study, we model water infiltration in hydrophobic soils considering explicitly the contact angle as the measurement of water repellency, with the geometrical pore model proposed by Hammecker et al. (2004).This microscopical approach showed good agreement with macroscopical models and with experimental data. The model was used to evaluate the conditions for unstable flow with fingering features.