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Climate change and women’s health: A scoping review
  • Zalak Desai,
  • Ying Zhang
Zalak Desai
University of Sydney
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Ying Zhang
University of Sydney

Corresponding Author:ying.zhang@sydney.edu.au

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Climate change is a significant global health threat that is underpinned by the existing issue of gender inequality. A scoping review was conducted to better understand the relationship between climate change and women’s health. We found a notably higher proportion of existing studies focused on low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). Most of the studies included were published after 2010, with predominantly qualitative study designs. Four key themes were identified, including women’s exposure to climate change risks, the impacts on women’s health, factors contributing to the vulnerability, and responding strategies in addressing climate change. The scoping review indicates that women’s health is at higher risks due to the vulnerable to climate change, especially in LMIC. Meanwhile, it is beneficial to have insights from women in terms of adaptation and mitigation strategies to build stronger resilience. Mixed methods are strongly recommended to support evidence-based policy making in responding to climate change.
Sep 2021Published in GeoHealth volume 5 issue 9. 10.1029/2021GH000386