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Thermal and Magnetic Context of Central Brazil Structures: A study of magnetic lineaments in the central Trans-Brazilian Lineament (TBL) and adjacent regions.
  • Suze Nei Pereira Guimaraes,
  • Fábio Pinto Vieira,
  • Valiya Hamza
Suze Nei Pereira Guimaraes
National Observatory

Corresponding Author:suze@on.br

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Fábio Pinto Vieira
National Observatory
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Valiya Hamza
National Observatory, Ministry of Science and Tachnology, Brazil
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This paper reports on the progresses obtained through the analysis of thermomagnetic features of the region between the southern part of Tocantins state and the northern part of Goias state, in Central Brazil. For that, we made use of data collected through aeromagnetic surveys. Techniques of shading applied to vertical derivative of Anomaly Magnetic Field (AMF) have been used to identify magnetic lineaments. The depth estimates of these structures were obtained by means of spectral Analysis of AMF (Centroid method). The results reveal the existence of a set of near-linear magnetic features in the region between the longitudes of 480W and 510W and between the latitudes of 120S and 140S. This is also an area of moderate microseismic activity and recent studies indicate anomalous geothermal conditions at the upper crust. However, direct evidences of the occurrence of magmatic intrusions at shallow crustal levels are absent. We postulate the hypothesis that the features identied as a result of aeromagnetic survey are indicative of fracture systems, thereby enabling the ow of carbonic uids observed at the region’s thermal springs and transporting geothermal heat.