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No mantle convection but efficient tidal forces move plates (Corrected)
  • Lubor Ostrihansky
Lubor Ostrihansky

Corresponding Author:ostrih@tiscali.cz

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First part of the paper deals with obscure imagination of mantle convection, which contradicts to any real observations. Geological maps clearly show plates rotation round South Pole and the opening of back-arc basins confirms plates westward movements. Common action of equator-fleeing force and tidal friction facilitates the plate movement westward and northward. Hotspots confirm plate movements and triple junction mantle convection excludes. Calculated north-south tidal torques and tidal friction torques state when earthquakes by tides can be triggered. Plate movement and earthquakes triggering are bound to the space released by subduction. Not all Full or New Moons are favorable for earthquake triggering; discarding can be caused by low tidal torques or Moon and Sun torques acting oppositely. For Earth’s rotation variations and for the plate movement the nodal Moon 18.61 years periodicity, sidereal Moon 27.56 days periodicity and their semidiurnal variations are important for earthquake triggering and earthquakes prediction.