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Circulation of Radon progeny in the terrestrial atmosphere during thunderstorms
  • Ashot Chilingarian,
  • Gagik Hovsepyan,
  • Balabek Sargsyan
Ashot Chilingarian
A.I.Alikhanian national laboratory

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Gagik Hovsepyan
A.Alikhanyan national laboratory
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Balabek Sargsyan
A.Alikhanyan national laboratory
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We describe a new phenomenon in atmospheric physics – 222Rn progeny circulation during thunderstorms. The enhancement of the natural gamma radiation during thunderstorms was measured with precise gamma ray spectrometers. Results of measurements performed at Aragats mountain in Armenia during summer 2020 demonstrate the Rn progeny lifted to the atmosphere by a near-surface electric field are returned back to the ground by rain precipitation. Thus, thunderstorms not only return negative charge to the Earth by lightning flashes but, also maintain Rn progeny circulation in the atmosphere; it this way, significantly enlarging natural gamma radiation above the Earth surface and Radon concentration in the atmosphere.