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From Open Data to Open Science
  • Rahul Ramachandran,
  • Kaylin Bugbee,
  • Kevin Murphy
Rahul Ramachandran

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kaylin Bugbee
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Kevin Murphy
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The open science movement continues to gain momentum, attention and discussion. However, there are a number of different interpretations, viewpoints and perspectives as to what the term ‘open science’ means. In this paper, we define open science as a collaborative culture enabled by technology that empowers the open sharing of data, information and knowledge within the scientific community and the wider public to accelerate scientific research and understanding. Opportunities exist for data programs to encourage and accelerate open science through thoughtful design. This paper provides a synopsis of various open science activities happening throughout the community and synthesizes those activities around three broad open science focus areas. The paper then describes how data programs are in a unique position to set strategic directions that support and promote open science within the three focus areas. The paper also discusses the challenges the community faces in promoting open science. The paper closes with a call to action for both data programs and individual researchers to support the wider adoption of open science principles.
May 2021Published in Earth and Space Science volume 8 issue 5. 10.1029/2020EA001562